KRISS Prototype? “This is Just a TEST….”


Just like the MEGA FAIL Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test this week…the purported “KRISS PROTOTYPE VIDEO” from Evike is also a big FAIL!

If you haven’t seen it…check this and follow the back-story below the video:

We reached out to KWA USA’s “ALLIZARD” as soon as we saw it…and, along with our buddy “CARP” from Airsoft CQB Radio, we pushed this to Arnie’s and Popular Airsoft, knowing it was likely a FAKE

…and the only “releasable” part of AL’s response goes like this: “we decided not to make any personal comment except an official reply “This is NOT a KWA KRISS Vector GBB prototype”.

Pushing toward the target..and, co-witness before you start "selling" these, ok?

The EVIKE media stunt also reportedly wrinkled the feathers of not only THOUSANDS of KRISS fans awaiting KWA’s launch of this game-changing mega-gun, but also tweaked the nose of a major Evike competitor and YouTube video “star” who wondered if he and his SoCal Airsoft MegaStore also got scooped.

But, through the wonders of MAC and Apple+Shift+#4 screen-capture technology…yea, we know you PC guys won’t get the humor, too bad…we’ve screen-capped the “demo” and noticed a couple interesting “tells” in addition to the cheesy last-line.

Fail 1 – You can’t see the muzzle/barrel diameter-In fact, check the extra pixels on his finger, covering what is probably the .45 cal muzzle of the REAL KRISS civilian carbine…not even a full-auto version…

You'll need some Windex to get the extra pixels off your finger!

Fail 2- Never showed “the trades”…mentioned, but never shown closeup

Sportin' the uber-gat...VOGUE!

Doubt you get many SUBS after this stunt...

Fail 3- Fake “airsoft” magazine…never locks into the mag well.  Yea, the real-steel KRISS DOES use G-Gun mags, as will the KWA version…we asked at the SHOT Show unveil last year in Vegas…But, watch as the support hand never really goes to where you’ll see it if you shoot a KRISS.

G-mag with lips=Good No lock=FAIL FAIL FAIL

Fail 4- We thought EVIKE would only pull fast stunts on THOUSANDS of customers in the “Box of “less-than” Awesomeness promotions…or on April Fools Day.  Not on the Marine Corps Birthday or Veterans Day.   Nice.

Gimme some of THIS Mac-lovin' ASAP!!!

Nice how they work the EGA into EVERYTHING on the Marines Birthday...Have a Good 'Un

Stay Classy, KRISS Fans…your REAL gun is OTW soon!


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  1. ghostbear83z says:

    I have assumed that this is a real steal kriss and at 1:42 he collapse the stock…………… in California I hope they had an Armorer on site otherwise they can get in a lot of trouble.

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