Et Tu Christophe? Costa Jumps the MagShark

Irony now lives in the date of the latest post…just below this, we were sharing the excellent news on Travis Haley‘s buzz-jam for our beloved AIRSOFT.  Now word that his former partner in positional-shooting crime, Chris Costa, is also headed in a new direction, sans-Magpul.

So, what might this mean for the world of Airsoft?  Our buddy Big Tom at Pyramyd Airsoft’s blog has a few ideas.  Bring your gloves and some hand sanitizer: LINK HERE

So, what is OUR take on this news? In all likelihood, Costa-Haley fans are about to get a brand new heapin’ helpin’ of their shooting stylings (Uncle Jed was one of America’s first video positional shooters, ‘ya’here?)…in all probability, starting at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January 2012.  And, Magpul will also continue to turn out products, for both real-steel AND Airsoft shooters through their PTS lines…they have ALL proven their innovation time and time again, as well as their support for ALL shooting sports and defensive/offensive minded individuals…we don’t see any of that changing one iota.

Love em.  Hate em.  Don’t expect to see any less of Costa/Haley/Magpul any time soon.