Crosman’s Official Word on Thumpy’s Marines Airsoft Comments…and YOUR COMMENTS, TOO!

OK, our “insider” contact with Crosman has been in touch about THIS prior week’s comments (LINK HERE) on the launch of MARINES AIRSOFT, the official “marketing” arm of Crosman and the USMC.  In the interests of full disclosure, we’ve redacted part of Laura’s e-gram at her request.

We’ll leave it up to Crosman and/or the Marines to clarify their choices….

“Hello Alan,

Thank you for sharing the sentiments of yourself and your audience.  We value your opinion.

We do, however have a plan in place.  Since entering into the agreement with the USMC, we have planned to roll it out in phases:  opening price point, better/best, and possibly collector grade.  As this has been our plan since day one, we ask that the airsoft community be patient with us.

(REDACTED INFORMATION HERE: Withheld at Laura’s Request)

We appreciate your candor.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.


Laura Evans”

AND, again for disclosure, here was THUMPY’S Letter that prompted the response above:


You asked for comments, and airsofters are talking.  Here are some of the links to comment threads and articles on Marines Airsoft.  Obviously your market for the Marines Airsoft brand is not targeted towards mainstream airsofter game players; perhaps some further conversations with the American and world airsoft community might be beneficial.  I know from our prior discussions that more is on-the-way, and at a different level of productions (we all hope) that will reflect positively on your efforts.  I am always available to assist where ever I can.  As an American Airsofter, former newsman/news director and businessman, a supporter of the Marine Corps here in my “hometown of the Marines,” where I routinely play airsoft with Marines and Wounded Warrors, and as a concerned parent of 3 boys who is deeply worried about the direction of the airsoft business, I want to help facilitate conversations and real change in the sport.

I believe your company is uniquely positioned in the USA to make change happen.  Do you?

Please feel free to contact me for any followups.


Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft