Crosman’s OTHER M-16…an Air Rifle with potential for AIRSOFT?

The price is NOT right, Bob Barker… but is the idea something that an airsoft-smith could take under advisement?

Crosman guys discuss the concept of the MAR at SHOT Show:

Thumpy’s Thoughts:

Frankly, AIRGUNS were not on Thumpy’s mind when we hit SHOT Show 2011, other than to venture into Crosman-land for an enlightening video excursion we’ll show you RIGHT HERE on the 3-D YouTube Channel

…, the .177 caliber MAR was NOT something Crosman pointed us to.  HOWEVER, in light of recent Crosman marketing pushes to get deeper into Airsoft, via their arrangement with the US Marines at MARINES AIRSOFT, the MAR IS the kind of product/project that most Airsofters might find some interest in cross-pollenating.  An ACCURATE, Real-steel based Airsoft Training Rifle carried by Real Marines?  What’s not to love, other than that pricetag…which we are sure could be lowered IF Crosman found interest from the community.  They do have Remington and Bushmaster licenses…so, who knows where this might lead.

Creedmore Sports National Match Rifle: LINK HERE

Which came from here…. the “PilkGun”:

Conceptualized by World/Olympic-call Airsmith Scott Plikington His Bio: From

Pre-Release Story from

And, the Original Crosman Release:

“Crosman Corporation, long known for innovation and quality in products for the shooting sports, has introduced a new pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), modular, adaptive, competition sporting air rifle (MSR), the MAR177.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Terry Neumaster, “The Crosman MAR177 PCP Rifle is designed to support match air rifle competitors, using the traditional service rifle of National Match series competitions. To better serve the requirements of elite competitors, we’ve partnered with two-time, National NRA High Power Rifle Champion, Dennis DeMille of Creedmoor Sports Inc.,” he said.

DeMille believes that this purpose-built rifle represents the future of adult competitive air rifle shooting. “The new MAR177 promises to perform at the highest levels of match air rifle competition, while replicating the look and feel of an actual AR-15 style rifle. National Match competitors have been waiting for this gun. Since Crosman’s design team has a history of innovative and successful competition airguns, who better to bring this design to fruition,” said DeMille.

The Crosman MAR177 consists of an upper receiver and requires the shooter to provide their own lower AR to complete the gun. “This allows the competitor the versatility to utilize their own high-power AR lower with a competition-grade trigger group,” said DeMille.

Utilizing a PCP power plant affords an advantage over competitors, with less recoil and eliminating the need to repeatedly pump. “This air rifle features a multi-shot, removable, 8-shot rotary clip and an internally rifled Lothar Walther™ barrel,” according to Neumaster. “With a fill pressure of up to 3000 psi and velocities of up to 600 feet per second (fps), the rifle boasts 10-shot groups at 10 meters of less than 9 millimeters,” he said. The MAR177 is capable of 120 shots per fill and meets requirements for National Match Air Rifle competitions.

DeMille commented, “Serious competitors seek dependable, precision rifles. To these demands, the new MAR177 adds real affordability, compared to any equivalent model out there.”

Olympic level gunsmith and airgun expert Scott Pilkington comments, “I’m pleased to see that Crosman has recognized the inventiveness of my upper design, and brought it to the next level in production and development. This advancement will revolutionize the way folks everywhere use their AR-15s. I expect that serious competitors and plinkers alike will use this upper more than any other in their vault,” he said.

The Crosman MAR177 air rifle will be introduced with an MSRP of $900 and will be exhibited, along with Crosman’s entire PCP product line, at SHOT Show 2011 in Las Vegas, in booth number 12740. The trade show runs from January 18-21.

For further information on the new Crosman MAR177 competition air rifle, or on any Crosman, Benjamin, CenterPoint Hunting and Outdoors Precision Optics and Archery, or Game Face Airsoft products, visit the company’s websites at,,, or write to Laura Evans, marketing coordinator, Crosman Corporation, 7629 Routes 5 & 20, Bloomfield, NY 14469, email her at, or call her at (800) 7–AIRGUN (724-7486).

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