Marines Airsoft website is open….Epic Fail for Crosman?

OK, Airsoft World…they want “feedback”. Give it to them.  COMMENTS BELOW WILL BE LINKED TO CROSMAN CORPORATE:

Hand it to Crosman; as the ONLY MAJOR US Airsoft manufacturer/distributor, for signing up the honest-to-God United States Marine Corps as a partner in this adventure-in-recruiting.  This COULD be great for the Marines and for AIRSOFT…but not this way.

An OPEN WORDpress-LETTER to my “Friends” at Crosman, and with the United States Marine Corps

TO: USMC and Crosman, aka “Marines Airsoft”

FROM: Your Best Pal, Thumpy

Hope this finds you guys well. How’s school going this semester?

And, What were you both thinking?….

From our perspective, all that’s likely to come from this is BAD NEWS.  Other than some goodwill in the entry-gun market, leading some young people into the inevitable headlines in local papers or TV…”and, at the time of the INCIDENT, he was carrying a “fake gun” that looked just like a real “ASSAULT RIFLE”, a gun SANCTIONED BY THE UNITED STATES MARINES!”  GASP, OOH..>ROLL THE VIDEO< HARRY!

PLEASE, Crosman…rethink this whole idea.  The people YOU want to capture are NOT the parents buying their kid a Craptastic-Plastic “desert tan” Marine Airsoft Pistol, with desert tan ammo, and a desert tan holster at Wally or another ‘big box” store.   In fact, your timing on “desert” anything and the Marine Corps is bad…did you hear the President the other day (Warning, Propaganda Link)? US Troops are coming OUT of IRAQ, and soon will be coming OUT of AFGHANISTAN…and when they go back “into battery”, it is going to be along one of the Earth’s riparian/littoral regions…where 70-percent of the world’s population resides. Bank on old Thumpy’s DECADES of covering the Marines in “every clime and place:” It won’t be pretty, it will be deadly, and you’ll be left holding a warehouse of CRAPTASTIC-PLASTIC guns that “Mom” and her Apple Pie won’t have anywhere near her “little Junior, (who’s) all in a rage.”  He’ll be “Coming of Age” without your products.

Try AIMING with that big red, white and blue CROS-Hair at a more-appropriate market:  Build us some solid AIRSOFT Skirmish-ready guns, like you build your BB and Pellet rifles…guns you can drop on the ground from shoulder height that won’t snap in half, guns you can pass down to your grandchildren that still shoot reasonable straight-and-true, guns that–decades from now, after you’ve done your “hitch in hell” with the Marine Corps–that you will be proud to say “yea, that was my first real Marine Corps love…many are like it, but that one is mine.”

You will attract SOLID CUSTOMERS who want to BUY their Airsoft Products MADE IN THE USA…and people who stand behind the fact, most of our local Airsofters here in Eastern NC ARE REAL BATTLE-TESTED MARINES, Warrior-heroes and some Wounded Warriors, and they see this as a MEGA FAIL-FAIL-FAIL!!!

You could retool this effort, more appropriately,” age-appropriate” for the kids your SHOULD be “Recruiting” as customers and “REE-Cruits”…TEENAGERS, not 10-13 year old pre-pubescent kids whose parents can “afford” a toy that will get them in trouble with local law enforcement and likely END any chance they have of becoming a Marine.

Please, for the Love of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor…and on the eve of the 236th Birthday of our Beloved Corps….”TEAR DOWN THIS (CYBER-SHOPPING) WALL!



  1. Brandon (Zechs) Hurley says:

    I have to agree with what has been said here. It’s great to see the USMC coming out and trying to use airsoft as not only a marketing tool, but also to use for training. However, they really needed to find a better company than Crossman.

  2. Chris (Master Shake) says:

    I think that the lack of knowledge of the sport of Airsoft is what drives people away from this new concept. People associate Airsoft with the “backyard pistol fights” that children get into with their Crossman pistols they bought at Walmart. While I am excited that the Marine Corps have reached outside of the proverbial “box” with this one, I feel it is a wasted effort. Crossman isn’t exactly known for topnotch guns. I am all for purchasing Airsoft guns that were made and put together and sold in America but I think the USMC could have found a better company to do this with.

    Now onto people stressing that this could get kids hurt and cause problems with law enforcement. I see what they mean. There are kids that dont have the parental guidance that is needed to teach them about fire arms and even bb guns. A certain inherent responsibility comes with owning an airsoft gun and kids need to be taught these things. Local fields should be reaching out to the surrounding communities to allow these kids the opportunity to learn and practice this sport safely. Older players with more experience should be spreading their knowledge to the younger less experienced players. But I think above all the parents should take charge and teach responsibility to their kids.

    In conclusion I guess what I am trying to say is that I think the Marines reaching out to Airsoft is an awesome idea, (seeing as alot of Marines already play the sport). I just dont think Crossman was the way to go. If someone from Crossman actually reads this comment…improve your airsoft guns…learn from other companies and put out a well functioning affordable gun.

  3. Honestly, I think I at a loss for words. Who in their right mind came up with this? This is not the way to get through to the youth. Not too mention the biggest thing they should be stressing in one of those buttons is safety and not too mention there are only a few bullet points. A good safety manual should be at least a good page.

    A sad effort on behalf of crosman and the USMC. But this will never have any effect on my respect for the men and women of our military. But please take the site down and come up with another way to market this idea.

    Perhaps talk with people within the community who are trying to help raise awareness to the general public about airsoft and airsoft safety. Just sayin……


    Daniel Stein
    President / Founder – South Florida Airsoft Association, Inc.

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