Pre-FULDA GAP Videos

Thought we’d pass along some of the YouTube banter PRIOR to the “Start of Hostilities” at Fulda Gap 2011!!

Take a stroll back in history with us now, to a time just weeks ago, when World War 3 was a growing concern.

Could these be the “faces of the fallen”…or “heroes of the fight?”   SUNDAY’S EPIC FINALE WILL DECIDE!

“BLACKHAWK” from TeamBREACHAirsoft show us his loadout!

A “Tourism Germany” Video…how the REAL Fulda “looked”…before the Warsaw Pact Invasion!!

Zebc096 shows off his “ready rig” for FULDA!!  But he needs to stop erasing videos….was this PreTSD?

AirsoftRangers101  also did a loadout preview video.  This gear is now being worn by all his battle buddies…because, if you “die” they ARE splitting up your gear!!!

The “Fulda Highlanders” March to the Pipes!  A little NATO RahRaah for Sunday’s Finale!!  More of their videos HERE