FULDA GAP IS A TIE At end of Day ONE!!!

OMG! This is so EPIC, it defies words! There has NEVER been a Tie Game, to Thumpy’s Knowledge, at the end of Saturday’s Day Play…NEVER!

Consider that more than 700 players have been slugging it out since 1000 Hrs, over some of the roughest terrain on any Airsoft Field ANYWHERE, and using the combined wit and strategery of NATO General Stuart “ZEN” Whitehurst and his staff, and Warsaw Pact General-Comrade Vinnie “Lifer” Gizzarelli–minus the ThumpMan, but with excellent stand-in support, this is truly one for the ages!!!

More after the night game Saturday night, and FULL COVERAGE ON SUNDAY’S FINAL EPIC SHOWDOWN. WHO WILL WIN???