CyberG gets new help…from Disney?

Welcome Jean-Marcel Nicolai to the Cyber-Watch!


Here’s the FRENCH press release, to Bloomberg Business:

And, GOOGLE TRANSLATE version of the key part of the announcement is HERE:
“Arrival of Jean-Marcel Nicolai
At the same time, Cybergun announces the arrival of Jean-Marcel Nicolai as Director of Operations and Product Development (“COO”) of the video games division of the Group. After more than 10 years in the world of electronics and consulting, Jean-Marcel Nicolai discovers the exciting world of video games by joining the Atari Group. Between 2000 and 2007, he held various senior positions in Europe and then to United States, before joining Disney Interactive Studios where he will pursue the office for more than 3 years of Senior Vice President in charge of product development worldwide. The appointment of Jean-Marcel Nicolai illustrates the strategic intent of Cybergun to give birth to a true “community of experts” in the video game development. It will perfectly complement the expertise of Frederic Chesnais, founder of Microprose-I2G.
In addition to these announcements, Jerome Marsac, President and Founder Cybergun, said: “Cybergun aims to become a leading player in the world of video games and to strengthen the role of actors French sector. The integration of I2G-Microprose in Cybergun enhances the attractiveness of the new set and opens up new

Jean-Marcel’s last big job announcement was HERE: