Redwolf Airsoft hits the Cybergun Watch in Germany, man!

Here’s an OLD POST that somehow did NOT GET its day in the Sun, our appologies to ARCLIGHT, as he scoped out the  “even-bigger-than-SHOT Show 2011” Cyber-Cubicles at the IWA 2011 Show in Germany, and guess what?  They actually didn’t do any interviews with him, either.

OK, well, Cybergun’s “hired gun” and IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel did…so, sue me.  He talked to me, along with “Mr. Inokatsu” and a bunch of Cybergun and Softair USA (Hi John!) higher-ups in Vegas back in January… they were just really, really camera shy around Thumpy. Wonder why?

Mr. Inokatsu and a "close friend" at CyberGun/Softair USA's Massive Booth

I proved I’m a lovable little fuzzy bunch of BB Slingin’ warmth and personality. Even “they” admitted it.  I just hate that I’m so far behind schedule that I don’t have Cyber-G’s SHOT Show video cut yet…and I have, like, 15 more to send you from the NAA Airsoft Expo…and they WILL GET DONE!

OK, just get crackin’, T-Man!   Thanks again to Arc and  the gang…check out all THEIR videos over HERE at the REDWOLF YouTube Channel, and at the REDWOLF CYBER-STORE!