Cyber-G Watch: Blackwater Video Game Heads to 360

Super nice find by our buds VicOptimus and Gungho Cowboy over at POPULAR AIRSOFT, as we have been waiting since our first reports earlier this year (LINKS HERE) , and especially since the E3 games show this week, to hear about the first Cyber-G entry into Airsoft-meets-Video games…and the first sightings of their tie-in to Blackwater Worldwide:

Screen Shot courtesy Popular Airsoft and photo for their review


CLICK THE PIC BELOW for Another gallery of screen shots from KOTAKU.COM

Courtesy, notice how FRANCE is the center of the World on the map in the background? Hmmm, wonder if that came with the contract and the Euros!

Another story about the game from WIRED.COM‘s E3 Coverage: LINK HERE

Cinema Blend has short coverage: LINK HERE

AND, Kotaku’s REVIEW and take on the game, after they got HANDS ON at E3:  LINK HERE