A SECOND FRONT in the Battle over Airsoft in California and the USA

There is now a “second front” in California’s battle to kill Airsoft:

On Tuesday, L.A. Time, (June 7, 2011) the City Police Commission took up a proposal from Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, who was THE advocate for California Senate Bill 798…to start the process for OUTLAWING anyone with “toy guns” in the City of Los Angeles.

L.A.P.D. Chief Charlie Beck

Basically, the Police Commisison is being asked by Beck to send a request to the City Attorney to change the Municipal Code, a move that would virtually ban ANY possession or sale of anything resembling a gun inside the city.  And also, the Commissioners opened up a possible push against coloring/painting of real guns with bright colors or paint.  This is all supposed to help police on the street determine if someone they are dealing with has a real gun, a “toy gun” or something else.

But, this latest move is in exactly 180-degrees out-of-phase from what Chief Beck wanted SB 798 to do…make “toy guns” colored so Cops can allegedly tell the difference, in the dark-of-night, when they might be facing down a deadly felon…or just some kids who don’t know any better.

Video of the entire meeting is at the following link, with the part about the Airsoft/”Toy Gun” Code changes starts at about 1:35:20 or so….and listen for bad logic, no questioning about the 2nd Amendment Rights of private citizens, about the lack of public “education” about the dangers of guns, and especially listen for the paintball guys who showed up to start to throwing airsofters under-the-bus to save their sport, when they should realize these folks want ALL GUNS to go away.


Obviously this is all crazy. What color a suspect’s “weapon” or lack thereof is makes no difference. Having “them” in public is the problem. IF “they” just enforced laws already on the books, and IF prosecutors pushed for the toughest possible sentencing/fines….this would all be a moot point.

Instead, California is demonizing law-abiding business and citizens, threatening thousands of jobs and millions in revenue (including tax revenue, too–Hello, California..your are going broke?), and not just in their own state, but across the country and around the world, because of the actions of 3 people (one kid who failed to follow orders to put down his Airsoft pistol in the dark with officers drawing down on him, one “suicide-by-cop” guy with a BB gun, and one guy with a garden hose nozzle that police “thought” looked like a gun.)

Those 3 people did the wrong thing and found out what we all know….that Airsoft Guns ARE DEADLY WEAPONS…just not to the guys on the down-range end of the gun, but to the person holding it in the wrong place, at the wrong time. These proposals, both SB 798 AND the L.A. code changes, are the antithesis of what all of our collective efforts have been, to bring our game/sport into safe places to play, with the proper equipment, proper instruction on FIREARMS/AIRGUN SAFETY, and to keep “craptastic plastic” guns off the big-box store shelves and out of the hands of kids who do not know the dangers they face from neighborhood games.

Until Police Chief Beck, “Politicians” in L.A. and California–and across the country–and everyone who comes in contact with Airsoft understands those points, it is all just a moot point, and blowing in the wind.

Speak up NOW.  Tell your local leaders what you know about the positive, good things airsoft has done for you and your friends.  Tell military players and law enforcement officers who are airsofters and use airsoft for LIFE SAVING TRAINING to speak out, too.   Call/E-Mail/Write and visit your local, state and national politicians and make your case. Or, we’ll all be packing our guns into cases, to turn-in for destruction.



  1. “no questioning about the 2nd Amendment Rights of private citizens” I think you would have a hard time passing any kind of court the logic that Airsoft Guns are protected under the 2nd amendment as written “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Airsoft Guns do not provide for the security of the state or the citizens, you cant go squirrel hunting with one let alone people hunting. I am not trying to be a troll on here but lets stay on point, and for the record I am a 2nd amendment advocate. Also NYC bans Airsoft guns as far as I am aware. All I am saying is lets not rely on the 2nd to protect our sport.

    1. ThumpMaster6 says:

      I wasn’t suggesting-directly-that airsoft would be a 2nd Amendment issue. But one of the police commissioners suggests adding a ban on colored or painted REAL FIREARMS as part of this measure. That would allegedly make all “colored guns” “TOYS”–which we clearly know that airsoft and BB/pellet firing arms are NOT, by the virtue of police challenge/fire at/shooting someone who fails-to comply while holding one– and all “uncolored/black/blued or dark colored”guns REAL GUNS, thereby making a life-or-death split-second decision by Law Enforcement “easy.”
      I find that suggestion devoid of common sense and all logic, as is most of this very specious argument. And, the fact that the Chief of Police in one of the world’s largest cities is pushing this agenda, along with politicians up to and including the state and possibly national level very, very dangerous to all of us. Thanks for your comment Shaggy!

      1. NYC Administrative Code 10-131(b)

        b. Air pistols and air rifles; selling or possessing. 1. It shall be
        unlawful for any person to sell, offer to sell or have in such person’s
        possession any air pistol or air rifle or similar instrument in which
        the propelling force is a spring or air, except that the sale of such
        instruments if accompanied by delivery to a point without the city, and
        possession for such purpose, shall not be unlawful if such person shall
        have secured an annual license from the police commissioner of the city
        authorizing such sale and possession. The sale and delivery of such
        instruments within the city from one licensee to another licensee, and
        the use of such instruments in connection with an amusement licensed by
        the department of consumer affairs or at rifle or pistol ranges duly
        authorized by law shall not be considered a violation of this

        Just in case you were not aware, this situation already exists on the east coast, and yes it is nonsense in NYC as well.

        This is why we need a nationally representative body to protect our sport. ASF is a step in the right direction but they need to modify their charter, board, and founders committee to include more than just SoCal. Running a large CQB facility as I do I follow these things closely.

        1. ThumpMaster6 says:

          Shaggy; Do you have any information on the licenses in this procedure? How much do they cost? Do you have to have one for your facility? And does the department/city even approve these licenses…that’s the root of the argument in L.A….that the L.A.P.D was required because of several successful pro-gun lawsuits to provide information and applications for real-steel guns, yet only approved a handful in the past ten years in a city of over 4 MILLION people. Folks out there suspect that the same thing will happen if a similar airsoft measure is passed…and that the city will fight tooth-and-nail with airsofters AGAINST them ever having access to airsoft again. Great stuff, thanks for your expert input! Look forward to hearing more about your ventures in NY!

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