3-D Tactics No.1: How to clear and hold a trench line

We’re starting a new feature here at the 3-D House of Airsoft:  No.1 in a series of videos designed to get you thinking, talking and DOING tactics that will improve your Airsoft & MilSim game.

OK, Watch and learn, as some of the ‘boys from the World Famous SOUTH FIELD in Jacksonville/Camp Lejeune, NC put on a demonstration on how to take control of a trench line and bunker complex, and then defend it against a counter-attack:

NOW, Use this video as a starting point for your own “school circle:”  What did they do right?  What went wrong? How important was communication..and the brevity of communication…in directing the assault and then building the defense? Please feel free to post up your comment either here or with the videos at the 3-D YouTube channel…Keep them CLEAN…and Thumps will moderate-‘n-post for everyone to share and learn!

Special Thanks to Vinnie “Lifer” Gizzarelli from Team Raptor 1 behind-the-scenes, “DOC” (yea, a real Navy Corpsman was the fireteam leader for this op!) and the ‘guys at South Field!