Airsoft Air Assault Times 2 in the USA!

GMSOG in Vermont…with a Strafer, a Minigun as a door gun in a helicopter (!!), RPG’s, an excavator making trenchlines and fighting positions, as PART of the scenario…this is pretty sweet stuff!

AND, Oklahoma Invasion 6 hit D-Day Adventure Park…on the ground and FROM THE AIR!  Door Gunners there, too, and one helo run reportedly wiped out a Deuce-and-a-half load of infantry!  Nicey Nice to our buddies Claymore and Frosty on a MilSim game-well-done!

And, some Ground Action, too!



  1. matthews says:

    Check out some fellow NCairsoft footage taken during SWC’s gun run in Oklahoma Invasion 6. I’m pretty sure the target was M7. Thanks to Jenna Surig (Gingersnap) for camera time!

    1. ThumpMaster6 says:

      Nice work guys and G-Snap…you guys should send over some of those “roadside” photos…Heheh!

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