Cyber-G Watch: Yea, there’s an APP for that

You knew it was on the way…and now, iPhone and iPad lovers, you have a chance to remote-control the “Death Star.”   Released MAY 21st, 2011…the date is important, follow along….


In out first-blush look at the Apps Store sales page, we gotta say that this is one nicely put-together app.

Graphics follow the CYBER-G/WWLILS branding, with product info for a FAMAS (how apropos!)…and, on the far right screenshot, looks to be some kind of FPS Calculator that swaps the gun’s bb loading into a Meters-per-second energy equivalent.  Although frequent readers will spy that this will likely be incorrect, as Cyber-G’s energy ratings are often vastly overstated for the actual performance of the gun OOTB.


The description of the App also opens some new windows into Cyber-G marketing “strategery”…

OH GOODY…. “the news updated every DAYS”…Now Old Thumpy will HAVE to get an iPad or iPhone to keep you posted on their DAILY happenings and announcements.

But, what seems most troubling about their marketing approach is that the App Store age rating for the Cyber-G App is  “9+.”   According to Apple’s own APPLICATION RATINGS, seen below…

Yea, click DONE, as in...stick a fork in it...CLICK ON "DONE" FOR HOT LINK HERE

But, wait.  Isn’t this is a SALES TOOL for a product that, by Cybergun’s own package labeling and website information, is only for sale to persons 18 years of age or older?  So, why is this not rated as an app for the “17+” category?

AND THE TIMING OF THIS APPS RELEASE IS MOST TROUBLING OF ALL!!!   (We told you the date was important!)  With the improper use of an airsoft gun creating a firestorm in California with the Senate Bill 798 debacle…WHY WOULD CYBERGUN DECIDE NOW, of all times, to release an app to someone aged 9-18 ?  This is at best, in our opinion, a FAIL’ed attempt at pushing airsoft to a younger-and-younger market for which it is not intended…and could be ruinous as fodder for anti-gun activists who will latch on to this as an attempt to do just that.   More reason to be wary.  Very.  Wary.