Give us a BREAK…a U.S. TRADE BREAK…Says Cybergun to U.S. Congress

We have a BIG UPDATE on an earlier post involving an attempt to seek Tarriff Duty Suspensions for Airsoft imports.

RECAP: Thumpy’s original post: HERE IS THE LINK : Politics make Strange Bedfellows

WELL, with a little more on-line digging, and some additional t-crossing and i-dotting, we are able to point readers DIRECTLY to a U.S. International Trade Commission .gov electronic document that lay bare the companies both FOR and AGAINST Senator John Cornyn’s proposed bill….



HERE IS THE LINK, to our original post, involving U.S. Senator (R-Texas) John Cornyn’s proposed 2009 Bill, seeking a break for Cybergun USA, based in the Senator’s “home state” of Texas, for imports of AEG’s:


Full Text of the Bill:

S 2462 IS

 1st Session
 S. 2462
 To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
 October 29, 2009

Mr. CORNYN introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance



To suspend temporarily the duty on electric pneumatic airsoft rifles.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) In General- Subchapter II of chapter 99 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States is amended by inserting in numerical sequence the following new heading:

 ‘ 9902.01.00 Low energy air guns (ASTM F 2654) operated by pneumatic pressure created by an electrical air pump (provided for in subheading 9304.00.20) Free No change No change On or before 12/31/2011 ’.


 (b) Effective Date- The amendment made by subsection (a) applies to goods entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the 15th day after the date of the enactment of this Act.


Some CORNYN Factoids

Republican Senator (Junior Senator) from the great AIRSOFT STATE of TEXAS

He is rated “A” by the National Rifle Association…

SENATOR CORNYN’s Background Information, via Wiki:  LINK HERE

NEW INFORMATION:  From information below which we gathered after the original post, both the lobbyist working on behalf of Cyber-G and the Senator and his staff were “above board” in their filings of the proposed bill…and it was NOT the ONLY industry in the Senator’s home state that his office introduced similar tariff-suspension measures for in the same time frame.

However, the interesting information…and push back to the proposal came from a staff report by the US International Trade Commission, which contacted CROSMAN USA about their input on the proposal…and got one STRONG OPPOSITION VIEW from Crosman CEO Ken D’Arcy, in THE DOCUMENT LINK BELOW, which we’ll paraphrase here:

Crosman Corporation is the largest importer of low energy air guns and is opposed to a temporary suspension of import duties applicable to low-energy air guns of the type proposed in S. 2462 because the duty suspension would discourage the establishment of manufacturing of such air guns in the United States.”


THIS IS THE LINK to the PDF version of the USITC Staff Report on the bill, with Crosman’s opposition filing:

About the USITC…What they do…is covered in their Info Link RIGHT HERE:

And, to prove the “transparency” that’s now REQUIRED of all lobbyists in the USA…Here’s the required report from Cybergun/Softair USA’s lobbyist: LINK HERE

And more on their lobbying efforts in 2009 LINK HERE  AND in 2010  LINK HERE  From, a major on-line watchdog organization: