Cyber-G Watch-A NEW Pipeline into the UK

On top of the news that Cybergun netted major supplier SMK Sportsmarketing in the UK, now comes another alliance that will see CYBER G hooking into their web of Magpul connections….from major supplier Edgar Brothers.


And, a note to our U.S.readers…does anyone else find it eerie that Edgar Brother’s logo looks a lot like another “EIB” logo?   Does Limbaugh work for Cyber-G?


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  1. Yosser says:

    Hey Thumpy,

    @ the uk Airsoft Arms Fair 3 I got to have a bit of a chat with reps from Edgar Brothers. Like yourself I thought maybe sinister goings on were af oot with the CyberGun deal and EB. But NO looks like EB just signed a deal as a genaral customer of theirs and their rather large stable of AEG’s to go to market with. So far looks ok – if I hear any more I’ll pass it on.
    Yosser out!

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