Keep those Cards and Letters Coming!

THE N-R-A is in the fight!  Are YOU?

The NRA has now taken a stand towards defeat of California Senate Bill 798!

Read it here!  LINK HERE!

BUT, this dangerous measure won’t go down in flames without ALL OF US sending Cards, Letters, E-Mails, Calls and…if you are close to Sacramento…VISITS IN PERSON TO THE CAPITAL…to register your disapproval of SB 798.

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This is the first time in USA AIRSOFT HISTORY that the NRA has taken a public stand in support of Airsoft, in opposition to pending legislation in the California Senate or elsewhere in the USA.  It is not clear-cut that they are simply taking their position due to the anti real-steel implications of the “colorful RAINBOW” gun bill….or if this is a true breakthrough for getting airsoft recognized as a shooting sport by the biggest shooting lobbyist group in the game.

Stay Tuned for more….and keep those e-mails. calls and letters moving to California!!!