Cyber-G takes on the Masada…Players Miffed


WHAT DOES THIS EQUAL?   Good partners, a reset for airsoft, or just a another “missed approach” into the “Death Star?”

Arnie’s Airsoft Masada Topic thread, that got this all started: RIGHT HERE 

Redwolf’s Product PageHERE IT IS

E-Hobby Asia’a A&K Product Page…for comparison and contrasts…make up your own mind, but the price is sure different!: HERE IT IS 

Magpul’s Corporate Website: RIGHT HEREWith “brand family” listings that show PTS as part of their brand…nothing like the official word from the top!

There must be some HUGE amount of irony within this topic when Magpul’s slogan is “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE”

We’ll be doing some more research and reporting in!



  1. Allen says:

    I’m absolutely amazed how many dumb-ass is now on Arnies. Who thinks they are a smart-ass.

  2. Allen says:

    What a brutal morning for you.

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