Shooting SRC’s GAS AK-74U at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2011

Another Day, Another trip to the SHOOTING RANGE at the 2011 North Atlantic Airsoft Expo, and this time its a DOUBLE SHOOT, with On Target Airsoft’s Darin Sewell and Thumpy’s own “Botasky” getting some trigger time with Star Rainbow’s Tiny Taiwan Terror, the SRC AK-74U Gas Blowback Folder:

Check the blowback action, the 60-65-round mag and the chrono readings at roughly 400-FPS, which takes this shoot-gun out of the CQB realm and into a serious contender for some field-ready skirmish action.  And, as with the CO-2 based M-4 (VIDEO HERE on Thumpy’s YouTube Channel) the accuracy was quite impressive for a short-barrel length full-auto GBB.  Again, not real-gun recoil or noise signature, but respectable for what its worth.

Big Thanks to the Sewell Gang at On-Target Airsoft : HERE for letting us test-fire in the NAA Demo Range…

And, for wholesaler information, check the Sewell Gangs OTHER Cyber-Warehouse…HERE

And, just to make this a bit more complete, check out this animation we found of the SRC AK-GBB system operation, over at Grishka’s YouTube Channel !

Grishka’s YouTube Channel:

AND, the SR-74 U page at Star Rainbow Corp Airsoft’s EXCELLENT WEBSITE!