MORE THUMPY VIDEO from the NAA Airsoft Expo 2011

OK, the Editor is working Double Overtime on the videos from the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2011….and here are the first TWO of about TWENTY new videos that we will be rolling out to the 3-D House of Airsoft YouTube Channel…..

First Up…a SHOOTING RANGE test of the very first SRC M4A1 CO-2 Powered GBB Carbine in the U.S.A., from the Sewell Gang at ON-TARGET AIRSOFT…at the NAA Test Range, with THUMPY on the trigger:

And, A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, and the first video look inside the BIG BOY TOYS AIRSOFT STORE in Greensboro, NC….as we’ve already said, a SHOWPLACE for Airsoft in the U.S.A.:

All of Thumpy’s Videos from the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2011, and from the SHOT Show 2011 are sponsored by BIG BOY TOYS AIRSOFT… TAKE  A MINUTE TO LET KAMIKAZE AND THE GANG KNOW YOU SAW THEM AT THUMPY’S 3-D !!!