Great AIRSOFT VIDEOS from Europe’s IWA 2011 Show

OK Dudes and Dude-ettes…get your drool cloths ready…here are some ALL VIDEO views of the recent IWA Show from Nurnburg, Germany…courtesy of some airsofters you know…and a NEW GUY you will want to know, too!

Our buddies from AATV, Yea. the “crazyATguys” of the Airsoft world (not to be confused with the very-confused CrazyNCMan from Thumpy’s neck-of-the woods)…YUP: Scaar and Shadow and their “Posse from the Alps” made the rounds again this year, and one of their hottest stops and best vids came from ASG’s Display…and two LOVELY MODELS up front!

See ALL..and we mean A “LOT of ALL”, too….the AATV Videos from Austrian Airsoft TV OVER HERE at their YouTube Channel:

AND….they were not alone on the IWA Show Floor….

Check out our new find,’s YouTube Channel, for a COOL inside look at MAGPUL PTS hotness…another FPG video, yea…but also a TAKEDOWN and INSIDE look at the Magpul Masada…

Hard to find THAT one anywhere else! See them all RIGHT OVER HERE:

And, BONUS FINDS…Each of these YouTubers got One-On-One interview time with our buddy Arclight from Redwolf Airsoft,…And they turned TWO Great and very-different interviews on what he sees in the not-too-distant future for Airsoft products, videos and highlughts for 2011!   Check out their homesites for BOTH Arclight Interviews!