CYBERGUN WATCH: Add Swiss Arms to the Cyber-G Stable!

You want a SIG 550/551/’2/’etc. with real trades???…looks like the world will soon be knocking at CYBERGUN’S door a little bit harder, as Cyber-G announces at the IWA Show in Nurnburg, Germany they are acquiring Swiss Arms in a major new Cyber-Deal.

Coverage again by several European financial services and sites (all duly attributed and linked below…Thumpy suggests opening in Google Translate or Chrome with translation features switched ON)  show that the maker of SIG SG550-series carbines and rifles will have a much-more direct working relationship than their original marketing/licensing agreements that brought clear-plastic SIG guns to the Airsoft marketplace.

Foreshadowing their Swiss Arms announcement, we saw this poster at Cybergun's SHOT Show 2011 Display area

“Among the iconic models marketed by the company include the range SG550, SG551 and SG552 team that many armies around the world, as the French GIGN and the U.S. Navy SEALS.”

Background on Swiss Arms…via Wiki:

Some of the coverage, via financial sites in French, German and Italian media, or open with Google Translate for your favorite native tongue:

STARTING HERE, at Bourse.lci.ft: LINK

and HERE, from LINK

and, MORE HERE, from LINK