Dr. Airsoft has “MERCH” and a Mission for YOU…WINNING!

Well, Well…“the Doc” and “Rangemaster Larry” keep expanding the envelope of Airsoft Goodness and Light…

Now the home of Dr. Airsoft, and the Home for Airsoft Safety on the web is expanding into MERCHANDISE you can SHOW AND SHARE:

Check out the new ZAZZLE.COM site for AIRSOFT MEDICINE.COM’s new “MERCH”  From T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers, to some really cool “Wife Beater” tops and MUCH MORE!

CHECK IT OUT TODAY: http://www.zazzle.com/airsoftmedicine


If you are coming to Thumpy’s from CQB Radio’s latest podcast…you know why you are here!

But, if not…check the homepage of Dr. Airsoft’s site…or click on THIS LINK…to find out how YOU CAN SCORE some fantastic REVISION DESERT LOCUST EyePro…just like these….

by being a part of the “secret mission” going on all through MARCH…with Thumpy and some of the Doctor Airsoft “Good Buddy” Network !

NOW:  For your next CLUE!…

What do you have when you rotate a “Z” by 90 degrees?  (It makes a Compass seek it’s “Magnetic” bearing…that’s TRUE!)

Got the answer?  Head over to the Revision Eyeware FACEBOOK HOMEPAGE for the NEXT clue you will need…and, Good Luck, Jim!