OK, BACK TO THE FUN Airsoft Lovers!

Our latest installment of the SHOT Show Saga involves a trip deep into the bowels of the Sands Expo Center, to visit our buddy Wallace Lau from Z-SHOT, to see ALL the amazing guns on the way from AREA, and some SURPRISES that Wallace COULDN’T show us yet:

The fit and feel of ARES Airsoft arms have always been amazing, and although they often “do it their way”, in the best traditions of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, that’s hardly EVER a bad thing!  These guns…especially the Grease Gun…would feel right at home on the old Strip, or in your collection.  And, to get your hands on one, you should be on your way to your local ARES dealer ASAP…or come to High Point, NC for the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo, March 4-6, where Wallace will not only be a presenter and exhibitor again this year, but is also working to bring a totally new experience to the Expo…a tactical “shoot-house” INSIDE the Expo, where teams and individuals will be testing their tactical skills!
Thanks again to Wallace, Z-SHOT, and our EXCLUSIVE Sponsor, Big Boy Toys…which will be putting up some AMAZING NEWS of their own soon!  AND, COMING UP?…Another trip to the OTHER SIDE of the Z-SHOT booth, for an unexpected surprise from an Airsoft INNOVATOR….and a pitchman with his OWN Innovative Airsoft connections!  Stay Tuned, Tactical Campers!