THUMPY’S SHOT SHOW UPDATE #17-Evike Hits the Big Ones!

A HUGE 13 Minute-Plus video from the EVIKE.COM (BTW, that’s OFFICIALLY pronounced “Ee-VICK, not Ee-VIKE) shot late in the week at SHOT Show, with some of the details from CYBERGUN, WE’s James Chan, ICS, our new Airsoft HERO Brian from ECHO 1 USA, G&G and ANOTHER look…like we need to drool any more…over at the KWA USA Booth, this time with the little seen but very friendly JIM…eh, Allen must have lost his voice by this point anyway!

THANKS to the EVIKE Gang…and Thumpy is fighting Compy troubles here at home now, but hopes to push out our visit with REAL SWORD in the next update!    THUMPS….OVER