The place too busy for mere mortals…and we LIKE THAT!

One of the busiest booths at this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas was one familiar to almost EVERY Airsofter in the USA…Spartan Imports, the home of Classic Army and a slew of other innovators. Check out what everyone saw at SPARTAN as Thumpy turns the camera on the INNOVATIVE GUNS on the way in 2011 and lets them do the talking. Thumpy’s SHOT Show videos sponsored by Big Boy Toys!

MORE DETAILS:  An awesome STONER you see on the main table was just the beginning of the Spartan “life”…they have TangoDown and KREBBS CUSTOMS licensed rifles on-the-way, along with all the new releases from their familiar lines, such as Classic Army, G&G, KWA USA and many more.  We wanted to explore and discuss the CYBERGUN business arrangement with the top-dogs…and with the video done and the show over, we hope they will entertain some more in-depth questions.  But, understand:  This show is about BIG BUSINESS…and we appreciate that Spartan Staffers too some of our questions…lets us show you what they have…but used their precious time to SELL guns and gear…and we’ll get up with them soon and update!