AS PROMISED, Here is the Press Release from KWA USA, along with Photos from THUMPY, taken just after the opening of the 2011 SHOT Show!

Las Vegas, NV and City of Industry, CA – January 18th, 2011
KWA is pleased to announce several new products that will be unveiled at the 2011 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Products Reborn


After two generations of refinement and development, KWA has established the KP series to be both reliable and robust, however an element was always missing. Through a manufacturing agreement with UMAREX Sportwaffen GmbH & Co KG, the exclusive license holder of the Heckler and Koch trademark, KWA will reintroduce the KP series as official Heckler and Koch USP series pistols. This agreement also permits other KWA products to bear the world famous HK trademark and design.

The popular KG36C is now the HK G36C. Last but not least, the highly anticipated MK23 SPECWAR is now officially the HK MK23 USSOCOM pistol. The HK MK23 USSOCOM incorporates the latest NS2 technology and retains all the features of its firearm counterpart. 

New HK pricing will be announced when the products are ready to ship at the end of the first quarter of 2011. All KWA manufactured HK products will be available through KWA Authorized Resellers and UMAREX USA retailers.

Commitment To Training


The KWA M series pistols are considered to be the most reliable training pistol available in the market. Ever since its absence, KWA has received numerous inquiries and requests to design and build a suitable replacement. After two years of intensive development and collaboration with various military and law enforcement agencies, KWA is proud to introduce a new concept in training pistols: the Adaptive Training Pistol (ATP).

The ATP is an evolution of the M17 design; built with the most up-to-date NS2 internal gas system. All the characteristics have been retained from the original design, such as grip angle and takedown. The new pistol features an extended slide release and interchangeable back straps to adapt to different user’s hand shapes and to better mimic other popular standard issue pistols. The KWA ATP is scheduled for release by the end of second quarter of 2011. Pricing and performance specs will be announced at a later date. 

Old Friends

Two additional pistols will be released in 2011 as well. KWA will bring new life to its classic 945C with the NS2 gas system.

The 945C will be KWA’s first subcompact pistol powered with NS2 technology and will pave the way for future models of similar size.
Not to ignore historical favorites, KWA has also designed and produced the TKV33.
The size and shape of the pistol is closely modeled after the original firearm, making it a perfect collectors piece. It will be one of the first models in a series of classic pistols to come.
KWA leads the industry with innovative and high performing airsoft products by combining precision engineering and a passion to outperform. With unparalleled customer and warranty service, KWA strives to ensure that all of its products are of the highest quality and its customers are properly cared for. The introduction of the 2GX AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) gearbox and the NS2 GBB system has set a new standard in airsoft technology. 

For information:
Phone: 626-581-1777

STAND BY FOR AN UPDATE ON THE KRISS..AND, on another unexpected NEW PISTOL in the SAME CASE at KWA USA’s Display at SHOT Show 20111