THUMPY SHOT SHOW Update #7 – Crosman And Game Face

AIRSOFT MADE IN THE USA?  Maybe not too much longer….

We made a stop at CROSMAN/Game Face Airsoft’s SHOT SHOW display, and had a righteous conversation with several of their product reps, including top Airsoft line guru, Jim Masseth!
Here are some THUMPY Photos from Crosman’s GAME FACE lineup of HIGHER END Airsoft Guns….they are making great strides in upgrading to more metal pistols, licensing with trademarks from BUSHMASTER….
and, leveraging Crosman’s years of experience in CO2 airguns to push out some mighty impressive products..when they put their hearts behind the effort!  Here’s a quick look as SOME of what they’ll be putting out from their plant in NEW YORK STATE, USA this year!

Crosman’s BIG SHOT Show announcement involved an electronically controllable Pro-Hunting Grade Air Rifle that is being promoted by Pro Hunter Jim Shockey…so they CAN make a solid product, IF they decide they want to.  And, from what we were told at the Crosman display, AIRSOFT is a HUGE and GROWING part of Crosman’s sales totals, so the bosses should be listening to their customers.

IF you’d like a closer look, Check out GAME FACE Airsoft on their webpage RIGHT HERE! And, Thumpy will be pushing out a video interview with Jim Masseth from the SHOT Show 2011 edition SHORTLY!
AND, Special Thanks to Crosman’s Marketing Coordinator Laura Evans, and Web and Social Media Manager Chip Hunnicutt, who used to live in Wilmington, NC…just down the road from THUMPY, before Chip moved NORTH to “Lake Effect Snow Land” in UPSTATE NEW YORK.  That is just the OPPOSITE of the move the THUMPSTER made many, many blizzards ago!


    1. ThumpMaster6 says:

      Your video is in-the-bin and on the way later this week. Thanks again for the interview and the consideration…guys, Crosman is stepping it up. We need to convince them we want to BUY AMERICAN, and have the same quality of construction and durability that their air rifles have always had…airsofters want QUALITY, and they seem to be one company that really took what we told them to heart! THUMPY…OVER

  1. Eric Houseknecht says:

    Stumbled upon this looking for reports from SHOT for Crosman. I have a keen interest in their new stuff as I’ve been testing airsoft products for more than a year for them to help them improve. I’ve seen and tested the two pistols and the Game Face plain M4, but what is the railed M4 in the top photo!? That thing at least looks sick. But you may want to change your comment about “Airsoft made in the USA?” to “Airsoft made in the USA!” I’m actually going up to Crosman’s facility soon to see them producing US made airsoft products and hopefully get to test one out!

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