Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1

Thumpy’s SHOT Show 2011 AIRSOFT NEWS–#1

11:18AM Local VEGAS Time—17 January 2011

That’s Right…the THUMPSTER has made the BIG MOVE, and is setting up the 3-D HOTEL of Airsoft in Las Vegas for all the Airsoft Innovation News from the 2011 SHOT Show!

THUMPY WAS ON-THE-MOVE on SUNDAY…Flying US AIRWAYS to Las Vegas, via Charlotte and Phoenix…for the SHOT Show!
A HUGE THANK YOU to our buddy Jack “Kamikaze” Richmond and BIG BOY TOYS, who are the EXCLUSIVE SPONSORS of ALL of Thumpy’s INNOVATION NEWS FEEDS from the SHOT Show 2011!  We could NOT have done this without you, Kami!  CLICK ON THE BANNER ABOVE TO GET TO BBT’S ON-LINE STORE…OH, And Kamikaze and the guys have their OWN BIG NEWS, COMING SOON!
CLICK on the LOGO BELOW to go to the SHOW Show 2011 Home Page for all the details you’ll want…except, of course, what THUMPY will be breaking here this week!

SHOT has become THE EVENT for several major companies and gear manufacturers to make announcements of new products coming to distributors and dealers…and that’s why THUMPY IS HERE!
We’ll take on a slightly different look from the REGULAR 3-D House of Airsoft…as we’ll be pushing out POSTS instead of our usual HOMEPAGE….so you should ALSO PLAN ON signing up to the RSS FEED OR The 3-D House, via the site, over at FACEBOOK (THUMPY COVEY) and on the TWITTER Feeds, too!

WE Will also be feeding details as we can get them up at Arnie’s Airsoft, Popular Airsoft and over at the North Carolina Airsoft Organization forums…so, check EVERYWHERE ALL WEEK for the latest from THUMPY!

MORE LATER MONDAY, WE HAVE picked up our credentials, get some video and photos of the setup over at the SANDS Convention center…and get BUSY telling you what’s what in AIRSOFT AND MilSim from the SHOW!