People and Places

Quick update today (Sunday) on Thumpy’s 3-D House of Airsoft:

We’ve added our first photo feature today, under the People tab…on one of our best customers and a real HERO of airsoft and the GWOT!  Vinnie G. helped train up North Carolina’s contingent to this year’s Operation: Irene event…and as everyone there will attest, the Tarheel Boys and Girls were in the thick of the action and made a real name this year….due in no small part to Vinnie and a workout at super-secret “Site D.”  Check it out!

No news updates today, as we are prepping for Operation: Fulda Gap next weekend.  But you can check out info for that game in Saturday’s news thread…with links to the CDWC site and info on how YOU can get involved…Latest count is more than 200 pre-registrations, and experience from the last couple years shows that dozens don’t sign up until this week, and more than 150 just show up to play on game day!  This is one HUGE event, and one not-to-be-missed!